1500pc: Hot Air Balloons and Red Valley at Sunse (Mass Order Available)

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Type: Puzzle

1500pc: Hot Air Balloons and Red Valley at Sunset

Immerse yourself in a captivating sunset scene with our 1500-piece puzzle, "Hot Air Balloons and Red Valley at Sunset". Piece by piece, witness the majestic sight of vibrant hot air balloons gracefully drifting across the stunning Red Valley, as the sun paints the sky in a kaleidoscope of warm hues. Experience the serenity and beauty of this breathtaking landscape come to life before your eyes.

Options for Mass Order:

  • MOQ 500 sets per image
  • Customized quotes based on your specifications
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Please note that these options are available for mass orders placed through the online store of Little Boss Games. For more information, please contact hello@littlebossgames.com.

GTIN-13 (EAN): 4897131970030
Category: Jigsaw Puzzle
Ages: 8+
Component: 1500pc Puzzle
Box Type: Paper Box
Weight: 150g / 5.29oz
Puzzle Dimension: 23inch x 33inch
Box Dimension: 10inch (W) x 12inch (L) x 2.5inch (H)
Language: English
Safety Test: Tested & Certified Children Product