3-in-1 Fishing Game

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Reel in some fun with our Fishing Game!

Experience versatile fishing adventures with '3-in-1 Fishing Game' and 'Fishing Hero 3-in-1' by Little Boss Games. Enjoy a trio of fishing challenges in one thrilling package.

In the Box: 20 pcs Puzzle (Double-Sided Game Board), 2 Set DIY Fishing Rods, 31 Magnetic Fish, 24 Monster Memory Cards, 4 Wooden Dice, Rule Sheet, Tin Box.

Interactive and Fun: Memory party game and puzzle help develop logical thinking and improve memory and observation capabilities, fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Great Gift for Children 4-8 Years: Multi-game set ideal holiday, birthday or Christmas gift for boys and girls; colorful magnetic fish and fishing rods make the game visually appealing and will keep children engaged for longer.

Engaging & Easy to Use: Magnetic fishing game ideal for kids' competition during family, game night, or birthday parties; with easy-to-grab wooden handles.

Portable, Sturdy and Convenient: Children's game set come in a sturdy tin box for ease of transportation, use on the go, in restaurants, during vacations, or when visiting family members or friends.

GTIN-13 (EAN): 4897131970038
Category: 3-in-1 (Fishing Game/ Puzzle/ Monster Cards)
Ages: 4+
Component 1: 20pc Puzzle (2-sided Game Board)
Component 2: 2 Sets DIY Fishing Rods
Component 3: 31 Magnetic Fishes
Component 4: 24 Monster Cards
Component 5: 4 Dice
Component 6: Rule Sheet
Box Type: Tin Box
Weight: 395g / 13.94oz
Dimension: 111(W) x 148(L) x 30(H) mm
Language: English
Safety Test: Tested & Certified Children Product


Discover the 3 in 1 Fishing Game.

Welcome to Little Boss Games, where you'll jump into the exciting world of our 3 in 1 Fishing Game! If you're prepared for an exciting adventure that combines fishing, puzzles, and monster cards all in one, you've come to the proper place. Our Fishing Game is planned to supply endless excitement for families and companions. Let's investigate the flexibility and fun of this all-in-one fishing experience.
At Little Boss Games, we accept that an incredible board game should be a source of delight, laughter, and learning. Our 3 in 1 Game impeccably epitomizes these principles. With its flexible gameplay and engaging components, it's an incredible expansion to your family diversion night or any gathering with companions.
The Fishing Game offers not only a fishing experience but an entire world of excitement in a single bundle. Whether you're unused to fishing recreation or an experienced angler, our game guarantees hours of entertainment and valuable instructive experiences.
With Little Boss Games, you're not only getting high-quality games but also supporting a company that's committed to making a positive effect on children's lives around the world. With each buy, we give to child-focused charities, guaranteeing that your gaming experience contributes to a brighter future for needy kids.

Reel in Some Fun with Our Fishing Game!

Our Fishing Game is more than a board game; it's an engaging experience that mixes aspects of strategy, memory, and talent. A 20-piece puzzle, two sets of DIY fishing rods, 31 magnetic fishes, 24 monster cards, four dice, and a rule sheet are all included in the box.
The Fishing Game is appropriate for children aged 4 and above, making it an excellent choice for family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or even peaceful afternoons at home. The magnetic fish and fishing rods are simple to use, and the double-sided game board adds a new level of excitement to the game. You can carry it with you wherever you go because of its durable tin box, assuring limitless pleasure on the road, on holidays, or when visiting friends.
Overall there are several dynamic benefits of playing this game as per the brain of a kid. The game helps in the growth of problem-solving ability of a kid which is very necessary in life, also you will have to remember the sets while decoding in the game which builts memory power of a child. Thus, this game is helpful in the overall cognitive development of a child.

How to Get Your Fishing Hero Game Package?
What you get with the Fishing Game Package is:

  • An All-in-one fishing game
  • A starting guide to help you along
  • hours of nonstop enjoyment and education

Invest in the Fishing Hero Game Package to make treasured moments with your loved ones. Whether it's a formal gathering or just a get-together, The ideal option to infuse your events with excitement is Fishing Hero 3 in 1.

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