3-in-1 Golf Game

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Get ready to tee off with our Golf Game!

In the Box: 20 pcs Puzzle (Double-Sided Game Board), 1 Metal Golf Club, 4 Metal Golf Balls, 3 pcs Score Sheets, 42 Monster Domino Cards, Rule Sheet, Tin Box.

Interactive and Fun: Mini golf game for parent-child interaction and to promote cognitive development; domino party game and puzzle help develop logical thinking and improve observation capabilities, fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Great Gift for Children 4-8 Years: Multi-game set ideal holiday, birthday or Christmas gift for boys and girls; diversity of games will keep kids engaged for longer when hosting a game night or meeting with friends.

Golf Game with Mat: Indoor mini golf game with golf course mat with dimensions 27cm x 27cm ideal for use on tables or carpets; great indoor game, suitable for beginners and more skilled players alike.

Portable, Sturdy and Convenient: Children's game set come in a sturdy tin box for ease of transportation, use on the go, in restaurants, during vacations, or when visiting family members or friends; durable golf clubs for long-lasting fun.

GTIN-13 (EAN): 4897131970014
Category: 3-in-1 (Golf Game/ Puzzle/ Monster Dominos)
Ages: 4+
Component 1: 20pc Puzzle (2-sided Game Board)
Component 2: 1 Metal Golf Club
Component 3: 4 Metal Golf Balls
Component 4: 3pc Score Sheets
Component 5: 42 Dominos
Component 6: Rule Sheet
Box Type: Tin Box
Weight: 236g / 8.33oz
Dimension: 111(W) x 148(L) x 30(H) mm
Language: English
Safety Test: Tested & Certified Children Product


Fun 3-in-1 Golf Game for Children

In Little Boss Games, your kid will learn with entertainment. Our vision is based on the theory of learning with ease of entertainment. We are presenting the 3 in 1 Golf Game for children where the learning with fun starts. Here, we have tried to combine the game of golf with puzzle solving with the method of monster domino cards. That's why it is called the 3-in-1 golf game. The materials used for making the game equipment have a better quality so that it may last long even after remaining under the terror of kids.
Developing cutting-edge and instructive game sets that strengthen bonds between friends and family is our passion at Little Boss Games. Our dedication extends beyond providing enjoyable and educational experiences. We improve the lives of children all across the world by contributing to child-focused charity with every transaction. We can keep up our goal of encouraging positive social interactions and giving kids the chance to develop via play, thanks to your support.

Get ready to Tee Off with our Golf Game!

Are you ready for an amazing experience suitable for youngsters aged 4 and up? Our 3-in-1 Golf Game has a variety of activities to keep youngsters involved and delighted. A 20-piece puzzle, a metal golf club, four metal golf balls, score sheets, 42 domino cards, and a rule sheet are all nicely wrapped in the box. This game is your ticket to limitless fun and laughter whether you're hosting a game night, having a family gathering, or having guests around.
There might be a question about how you will play the game of golf on board. So for that a mat of dimension 27 cm x 27 cm will be provided on the game can be performed.
This game is especially designed by keeping the children of age 4 years to 8 years in mind. Because this is the age when a kid has the brightest mind and they are more energetic. So this will be easy and beneficial for them to solve the 3-in-1 golf game.

How to Play and Game Rules

Our 3-in-1 Golf Game is designed to be simple to learn and stuffed with fun. Here's how you'll be able to enjoy this setup set to the fullest:

  • Mini Golf Game:
    • Set up the golf course mat on a table or carpet.
    • Get your metal golf club.
    • Take turns attempting to sink the ball in the most minor strokes possible. It's a delightful game of expertise and accuracy, reasonable for beginners and more experienced players.
      • Puzzle-Based Challenge: Flip the game board, and you'll get a 20-piece puzzle. Put your problem-solving aptitudes to the test as you collect the puzzle, converting it into a captivating picture. It's an extraordinary way to create consistent thinking and progress observation capabilities.
      • Monster Domino Fun: Unleash your methodology in an exciting game of monster dominos. Coordinate the domino cards deliberately to defeat your rivals. It's a great way to upgrade cognitive development and enjoy a few neighbourly competition.

      Get in Touch!

      Not only is our Golf Game a mind-blowing source of entertainment, but it's also an educational instrument that promotes cognitive learning, consistent thinking, and problem-solving abilities. It's the perfect blessing for children aged 4-8, making birthdays, occasions, and Christmas even more extraordinary.
      For more information or to contact us, please mail us at hello@littlebossgames.com. So, get prepared to tee off and embark on a journey of unending fun, learning, and chuckling with our Golf Game. It's more than just a game; it's an exceptional involvement for the entire family.